Contemporary Design

Fine Arts


Mixed Media

My fine art tends to take an expressive route with an emphasis on color and stroke. I use fine art as a creative release from my digital work because I enjoy the tactile nature of most 2D mediums. It also allows for the marriage of fine arts and design through mediums like photography and illustration. Smearing charcoal, brushing paint, mixing chemicals in a darkroom, it’s an amazing way to relieve some designers’ block while also engaging the creative side of the brain. I have a looser standard when it comes to fine arts and allow myself to let go and lean in to those opportunities that present themselves as a piece of fine art is being crafted.




My photography takes an abstract approach and centers on shape and line. I find inspiration everywhere and photography allows me to explore compositions and textures and then take them into otherĀ  mediums. The process of photography also informs my graphic work and how I approach photo editing.