Contemporary Design



I am currently a Junior at Buffalo State College perusing Graphic Design. While at Buffalo State College I have been exposed to handling new mediums, advanced visual problem solving skills, and new sources of inspiration to expand upon. As a 21st century graphic designer my goal is simple: to help literally shape the world around us to create a better one. As graphic designers, we have a responsibility to design the world we want to see, and improve upon it. Through design we have a unique platform to reach out and impact millions of people, and it is our duty to improve the quality of life for those who are influenced by design. With the rise of the internet people around the globe are exposed to design now more than ever before, so our work as designers has never been more vital for the advancement of global society.



My designs tend to take a minimal approach whenever possible, typically focusing on color and composition for it’s integrity. By keeping design minimal, it creates a presence in the work that boldly distances itself from the sea of contemporary works that rely on overly saturated, heavily photoshopped components. My fine art centers around traditional conventions like proportion and modeling. Mostly I use fine art as a creative release from design, which allows me to be creative while also breaking some of the rules I strictly adhere to when designing. Breaking the rules allows me to be more expressive and experimental, which sometimes transfers into my design work.


minimal design, geometric design, minimal illustration